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history 11-24 - At the t iime of the founding-500K slaves...

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At the tiime of the founding-500K slaves in the deep south states o 40% of the pop.of the south Southern slaves most efficient onlarge plantations o Tobbacco (VA, and NC) o Cotton(s.CA,GA, MS, TX) Key to both economics and culture of the south Founders and slavery Debates in the contintental congress o Washington,jefferson,madison as reluctant slave owners o Ben franklin slaver way Revolutionary war 5000 free blacks fought in the revolutionary war Hamilton’s plan o “give them their freedom with their muskets” Tabling the issue— Not discussed in the declaration of independence Addressed obliquely in the constitution Copromise,compromise,compromise o Northwest terriotire-1787 o Missouri compromise Us const. Discussion of slavery threasteneded to derail both the continental cngress and then const.sonvention
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Limited congressional action 1807 2 stat 4260-601 o Outlawed african slave trade effective Jan 1, 1808 1820 3 stat. 600-601 o
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