history oct 29 - War clouds Conclusion of the :quasi war by...

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War clouds Conclusion of the :quasi war” by adams 1799 and 1806,american traders busy with both france and england o 60 million in annual revenues o 1806 britian once more demands a cessation of trade withfrane o Seizure of american ships and 10,000 soliders Chief tecumseh Chief tecumsueh,shawnee learer o Concept:land held in common by indian tribes (so could not be sold or bartered away by a single tribe) o Attempted to forge and indian confederation Traveled from lake michigan to the gulf of mexico Battle of tippicanoe William harry harrison gathers a force of 1000 militia and regular army troops Approach techumseh home settlement at tippicanoe o Tecumseh’s order not to fight ignored o Indians attacked harrison’s force Bloddy engagement-harrison only discovered afterwards that they had won and broken tecumseh’s power base o ¼ harrisons forcedead or wounded Fighting imperataive British inciting indian raids,encouraged tecumseh’s effforts Canada seen as a refuge and pistol pointed at the new american fronteir Western americans clarmoured for war both to unlock western lands About canada. . Major objetive of the american war hawks,as they became knowon
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history oct 29 - War clouds Conclusion of the :quasi war by...

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