history sep 24 - The british perspective Close connection...

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Unformatted text preview: The british perspective Close connection between english domestic affairs and colonial policy Purpose of the colonies was to generate wealth and resources for the all colonial home country Charles II creates the Board of trade in 1675 to oversee all colonial activity (centralization) Protecting trade & revenue Navigation acts 1651, 1660,1663, Goods had to go through london and be carried on british ships Forbade trade with freance and the dutch and spain Custom duties Surveyor general sent to the colonies to collect custom duties Edward randolph Arrives in boston1676 Kings collectors of customs 1678 MA legislature declares that the navigation acts have no legal standings in the colonies 1684 lords of trade win a court case that annuls the charter of Mass. Dominion of new england James II ascends the throne 1685 Includes all colonies south through the NJ Govt nameed by royal authority Governor and council tule without assembly Sir edmund andros arrives 1686 as govenor Glorious revolution of 1688 William III of orange and anne take the english throne Boston stages its own revolution Al other clolonies (not NY) follow suit William and mary Mainiatined and increased centralization...
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history sep 24 - The british perspective Close connection...

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