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history The political heritage of englishmen

history The political heritage of englishmen - James...

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The political heritage of englishmen Elizabeth-James 1- charles 1 Civil war-Cromwell resoration (charles 3) James 2-William & mary Politial heritage/ Englishmen: Death of Elizabeth (1603) Rules as constitutional monarch James VI stuart ( kind of scotland) Becam8 son unablee James I, Kind of England The “wisest fool in Christendom” Promoted the idea of Divine Rights of Kings Absolutist” monarch Disbanded paliment 16 29-16 40 Levied taxes by decree Tried to arrest five member of parliament (1642) Civil war )1642-1646) Roundheads/ cavaliers Rump parliament (1648) Oliver Cromwell Dictatorship dressed up as a republic Dies 1648 Restoration- Char les II Accepts deal with parliament to rule jointly
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Unformatted text preview: James II (1658-1688) • Intolerat-inspires revolt • Glorious Revolution • Parliament invites charles daughter mary and her husband iwlliam to the throne • Parliament finally gains long sought freedom from royal control • Freedom from royal interference with the law • Freedom from taxation by royal perogartive except with the consent During these years all but one of the English colonies was established Early chartered colonies • James !I charters joint stock compan • The Virgina company • Two divisions London 34 th-38 th parallels Plymouth 41 st-45 th • Purpose to MAKE MONEY • Landed in zones only sparsely populated...
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