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human development 11 23

human development 11 23 - Erikson Identity-who am i Self...

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Erikson Identity-who am i? Self defined in terms of: connections/relationships in the world Embeddedness in the social context 6 guests in class today Identity development a coordination of two dimensions: Crisis: A necessary turning point A cruicial moment when development Period of exploration Serious search for meaning Active engagement in choosing among alternatives Commitment: Meaningful choices Individual makes decisions based on self chosen answers Devotes self to those choices Crisis: (vertical axis) explored alternative in the past currently exploring alternatives ne ver explored alternative commitment( horizontal axis) presence of commitments absence of commitments identity achievments o moratorium foreclosure identity diffusion period of delay granted to someone who is not yet ready to make a decision of assume and obligation
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there are so many different political parties and ideals. I cant decide which to follow until I figure it all out I’m not so sure what religion means to me. I’d like to make up mymind but im not done looking yet. MORATORIUM: anxious lack well defined goals self conscious information-orientated stable self-esteem self directive
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  • Fall '08
  • Fields-Moore
  • commitments identity achievments, self chosen answers, diffusion Foreclousre Moratorium, masculine Androgynouse-above median, Meaningful choices Individual

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