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Marketing+Powerpoint (1) - Why the Zeppelin? -Instead of...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 2/2/11 Why the Zeppelin? - Instead of shipping cargo through ships overseas, the zeppelin can provide a much faster transportation system. -The dynalifter is much more efficient and effective because it can transport cargo to places where trucks can’t go. This is very beneficial because 35% of Vietnam’s roads are unpaved and there is only one national highway. In addition only ¼ of the road network has more than one lane. - The dynalifter is cost efficient, which is significant in a country such as Vietnam, because they lost 1.7 billion dollars every year to carry export goods via transport. - Although the Dynalifter is more expensive then ship transporting, the dynalifter has a competitive speed that beats shipping overseas. This airship only needs a place to land and take off, on runways which are even smaller than traditional airports. - Vietnam is investing more than 1/3 of its GDP on infrastructure a year, or 8,158,050,000 which is 9%. About 55% of that is for roads, and 40% is for ports, waterway and shipping.
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Marketing+Powerpoint (1) - Why the Zeppelin? -Instead of...

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