MKTG 301. Written Plan Rubric

MKTG 301. Written Plan Rubric - -Financials-Projected...

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MKTG 301: WRITTEN PLAN GRADING RUBRIC FORMAT: (10 points) - The plan follows format outlined in marketing plan - (i.e., 1” margins, 12 point font, single spacing within/double spacing between paragraphs, headings to separate the different steps/sections) - References follow a consistent format __________ STYLE: (20 points) - The plan is readable. - Writing style should be professional (i.e., proper spelling, proper grammar, proper use of the English language, etc.) __________ SPECIFIC CONTENT : (40 points) - Marketing plan should at minimum address each of the following: - Executive Summary - Strategic Objectives - Mission / Goals / Business Summary / Competitive Advantage - Situation Analysis - Industry Analysis / Market Size / Market Growth / Market Needs / Market Trends / SWOT Analysis / Competition / Company Analysis / Customer Analysis - Marketing Strategy - Market Segmentation / Target Market / Positioning - Marketing Mix - Product/Service / Price / Place (Distribution) / Promotion
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Unformatted text preview: -Financials-Projected Income Statement / Marketing Budget-Implementation Plan-Objectives (Marketing Objectives; Financial Objectives) / Key Success Factors-Evaluation and Control-Appendix (optional)-References __________ EXPLANATION : (55points)-Content is clear, logical, and consistent-The information provided in the strategic objectives and situation analysis sections describe the current company and current environment. (References should be used to support.)-Given the information provided in the strategic objectives and the situation analysis section, the new product “fits”-Each element of the marketing mix is fully explained and work cohesively together-Marketing strategy and Marketing mix sections integrate cohesively-Given the marketing strategy and marketing mix, the financials (i.e., income statement, marketing budget) are realistic. __________ WRITTEN PLAN GRADE (out of 125 points): __________...
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MKTG 301. Written Plan Rubric - -Financials-Projected...

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