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FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE: Street Crime. Topalli. Summer Maymester 2010. Things to think about…. . 1) Do Institutional Anomie and Code of the Streets have any relation to one another? Are there weaknesses or strengths in these two perspectives that can allow them to compliment each other or are they too different? Use examples from Crime and the American Dream and Elijah Anderson’s Code of the Streets to provide your answer. 2) How is it that so many people in the bad neighborhoods we talk about keep from engaging in bad behavior ? In other words, we have talked about why people DO engage in crime, but have you thought about why they DON’T? Not everyone from these places are criminals, are they? 3) Pimps are part of the urban street culture but they are different from other “confrontational” offenders in a number of ways. Describe how they are different and talk about how they fit into the “code of the streets” mentality. Do they follow the code or not? 4)
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