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MID-term 2010 Maymester Study Guide

MID-term 2010 Maymester Study Guide - from these places are...

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MID-TERMSTUDY GUIDE: Street Crime. Topalli. Summer 2010. Things to think about. From these questions will be 3-4 for the exam itself. Bring a blue book. Space on the exam will be provided. Each answer should be about 1 page long. I am looking for you to express your critical opinion here and back it up with class material. There are not right or wrong answers, just lazy or well-thought out ones. 1) Now that you have read Crime and the American Dream, how would you use this theory to explain the presence of street crime? Are the same factors involved in explaining white collar crime too? IN other words, is this a general theory of how crime happens or is this a theory that is well suited to only certain types of crime? Make sue you explain the main hypotheses of institutional anomie theory first. 2) How is it that so many people in the bad neighborhoods we talk about keep from engaging in bad behavior ? In other words, we have talked about why people DO engage in crime, but have you thought about why they DON’T? Not everyone
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Unformatted text preview: from these places are criminals, are they? 3) Sometimes people say that crime is caused by “society” and sometimes they say that people are “bad seeds” and sometimes they say that it has to do with “poverty.” Which of these things is the real cause? Are they all part of the cause? 4) How does the design of a city create different behavior? Provide examples from out class discussions. Related to city design, what kinds of things would you do to reduce crime here in Atlanta? Give real examples from places in the city that you know. 5) Some theories posit that people are born bad and need to be controlled. Others believe that people are essentially good and that they act bad due to their ability to overcome their own morals or because others influence them. Give an example of a theory that represents each of these perspective and use a real world example of a street crime episode that illustrates your point....
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