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Lecture 5 F2010 - Lecture 5 Chapter 3 Earths Modern...

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Lecture 5, Chapter 3: Earth’s Modern Atmosphere Layers of the Atmosphere 1. ________________(50-300 miles) 2. ________________ (31-50 miles) 3. ________________ (11-31 miles) 4. ________________ (0-11 miles) Each layer is separated by a “_____________” (meaning to change ). 1. Thermosphere Traits: The ___________ layer of the atmosphere, from 50-300 miles. Its upper boundary is called the ______________. Beyond that is the ______________. ________________ occur in the thermosphere Temperatures _______________ in the thermosphere, up to 2200 degrees F. This is because there is intense radiation that makes the nitrogen and oxygen vibrate a lot and the amount of vibration is what determines “temperature”. But it doesn’t feel hot. This is because, although the individual molecules are moving rapidly, there are hardly any molecules. So, the energy can’t transmit from one molecule to another. __________________occur here. 2. Mesosphere Traits: Occurs from ______________ above the earth’s surface. Its upper boundary is the ________________________ It is the ____________________ of the atmosphere: molecules aren’t moving as much as they are in the layers above and below it. Fine ice crystals form on dust, creating _______________________. The ionosphere is here (and in the thermosphere). It absorbs _____________________.
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3. Stratosphere Traits: 1. From _____________ miles. 2.
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Lecture 5 F2010 - Lecture 5 Chapter 3 Earths Modern...

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