Lecture 20 F 2010 - Lecture 20: Tropical Savanna and...

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Lecture 20: Tropical Savanna and Tropical Scrub/Shrub 1. Tropical Savanna Savannas are: The climate of tropical savannas Savannas receive their precipitation: So the biome alternates between hard rains and very dry periods. Because this is still the tropics, daylength and the strength of the insolation received ___________ too much. However, being poleward of the tropical rainforest, they experience slightly greater variation than does the rainforest. ___________occur during hot, dry months, encouraging the grassland vegetation, which is adapted to it. Plants of tropical savannas _________are common because they can go dormant during the dry months and green up during wet months. Also, grasses ________________ in the dry months, and resprout during wet months. Many grasses are pollinated by __________, and often their seeds are scattered by _______ unlike the tropical rain forest. The scattered shrubs often have ________________________ leaves that reduce the amount of moisture they lose during the dry months. Animals of tropical savannas _________________________________ include large ears, which have blood vessels close to the surface so they can lose heat. In some cases, animals have long, extended bodies. ____________________ and water also aids the skin in regulating body temperatures. ______________ : animals that subsist mainly on grasses Grasses have a lot of cellulose, which is hard to digest, so some animals have developed specialized digestive systems (more on that later). They have: These include ____________________ (who like the shorter grasses the zebras leave behind), and many others. _____________ : animals that feed on non-grass vegetation. They tend to have ___________________than grazers, so they can better manipulate plans and select specific parts of the plant. These include ____________________. Predators
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Lecture 20 F 2010 - Lecture 20: Tropical Savanna and...

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