Lecture 22 F 2010 - Lecture 23: Mid-latitude Broadleaf...

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Lecture 23: Mid-latitude Broadleaf Forests 1. Midlatitude Broadleaf and Mixed Forest Climate This biome covers two climate types. 1: ________________ climate. This climate is usually moist all year. In the summer, moisture comes from the maritime tropical air masses that occur over warm waters off of the eastern coasts of continents. The warm, moist, unstable air produces convectional shows over land. In the fall, winter and spring, maritime tropical and continental polar air masses interact, generating frontal activity and frequent mid-latitude cyclonic storms. So, typically year-round precipitation, averaging 40-80 inches a year. The climate of _____________ is very similar to that of the eastern US, so the same biome is in both places, with extremely similar plants. 2. This climate is also moist all year, but has mild winters and cool summers. The marine polar air masses, which are cool and moist, dominate the climate. Weather systems form along the polar front and maritime polar air masses move into these regions throughout the year, making weather quite unpredictable. Soils There are two types of soils in this biome. 1._____________ are the main soil in Georgia, producing the famous “red Georgia clay.” They are highly weathered and usually quite ______ in nutrients because in this humid climate, rainfall has _________________ the nutrients over time (though not as much as in tropical rain forests). 2.______________ are less weathered and have more nutrients. These are widespread in the marine west coast climate areas, often because glaciers laid down fresh material. Plants of Midlatitude Broadleaf and Mixed Forests There are two different forest “types”: 1. Those with mostly ______________ trees (in all areas but southern portion of biome): 2. Those with many _______________ (southern portion of biome):
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Lecture 22 F 2010 - Lecture 23: Mid-latitude Broadleaf...

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