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Geography 128 Winter Quarter 2011 Assignment 2: Line Generalization In this assignment, we will be generalizing lines and using Map Window GIS to measure the line length at different levels of generalization. To start, find any ESRI shape file (.shp) on the web. You can use one or many lines, and it doesn’t matter what the coverage is. Next, go to the web site Navigate through the windows, and find where you can use either existing data (World map or provinces of Thailand), or upload your own. The software allows you to display the map, then use a slider to generalize the lines using Douglas Peucker generalization (or another method). Go ahead and generalize the map. After each generalization, export the shp file and save it, using some naming convention (e.g. Thailand10.shp, for 10% of points retrained). When you have your data, enter the MapWindow GIS. This software allows you to
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Unformatted text preview: display the maps, and has a tool for measuring the length of a line. Create two graphics. First, use line weight, color, pattern or any other means to display one map with all of the levels of generalization shown. You will find that the challenge is that the lines are all on top of each other, and so are hard to distinguish. Write: Which generalization algorithm you used? How it is different from the other types of algorithms provided? Note: Use minimum 3 levels of generalization other than the original (100% retained) Second, create in Excel or any other package you choose an ( x,y ) plot of the number of points (or % generalization) on the x axis and the line length on the y axis. Why does the line length not increase in direct proportion to the detail?...
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