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ACCT304 Midterm Examination Study Guide The content o f the Midterm Exam is based upon the first three weeks of the course. The material tested comes from textbook chapters 1 – 4 and supports Terminal Course Objectives (TCO) 1 – 5. There are nine multiple choice questions and three essay questions equaling 120 points. Multiple choice questions test your understanding of the concepts discovered in the textbook, discussions and the HES. There are some similar questions at the textbook web site should you elect to practice. Each question is valued at 5 points. The three essay questions are based upon TCOs 2, 4 and 5. It is suggested that you review those TCOs and the portions of the textbook that discuss their content. The essay questions are 25 points apiece. As would be expected of an essay question, a complete comprehensive
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Unformatted text preview: answer supported by reference to specific page numbers from the textbook and potential examples is expected. A minimum of one robust paragraph is expected to be the result of this effort; some essays may be several paragraphs. Each student’s exam will be different as the individual questions are pulled from a pool. You may take the Midterm Exam any time during Week 4 prior to midnight mountain time on Sunday. The time limit is 2.5 hours. The use of textbook and notes is approved. Save your work frequently. Should you encounter any technical problems contact the Help Desk and then email your instructor. After taking the Midterm Exam should you have any comments place them in the Q&A Forum....
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