Ch8 Article 2 - Is the Smell of Moroccan Bazaar Too Edgy...

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Page 1 of 2 2009 Factiva, Inc. All rights reserved. Is the Smell of Moroccan Bazaar Too Edgy for American Homes? --- New Products Aimed at 'Scent Seekers' Are Fast Changing the Fragrance of Clean By Ellen Byron 1,268 words 3 February 2009 The Wall Street Journal J A1 English For decades, lingering whiffs of ammonia and bleach in bathrooms and kitchens signaled a freshly scrubbed home. In the 1970s and 1980s, the scent of pine forests and lemon groves gained acceptance. Now the smell of clean has become a wildly varied bouquet: mandarin-lime detergent, disinfectant evoking "lavender vanilla and comfort," toilet-bowl cleaner in eucalyptus mint. Bleach can smell like a "fresh meadow." A new deodorizer, which hit store shelves last month, promises a "Moroccan bazaar." The consumer-products industry has built a complex olfactory infrastructure, stretching from the laboratory to human nose as never before. Researchers shepherd consumers through a gantlet of odors to gauge their reaction. Scientists parse fragrance perception. Companies unveil scent after scent that evokes "clean." "Your home could look clean, but if there's an absence of scent, you don't really know," says Scott Beal, a something." The explosion of fragrant cleaning products comes as Americans spend far less time cleaning -- about 40% fewer hours in 2005 than in 1965, according to the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. Adding new fragrances to products also lets consumer-products makers employ their favorite phrase: new and improved. Scents are "the lowest-hanging fruit as far as new-product innovation is concerned -- you don't have to
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Ch8 Article 2 - Is the Smell of Moroccan Bazaar Too Edgy...

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