Ch14 Article 3 - Pressure to reduce'2 and 20 hedge fund...

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Page 1 of 2 2009 Factiva, Inc. All rights reserved. Pressure to reduce '2 and 20' hedge fund fees By Sam Jones and Kate Burgess 07973 734 757 795 words 2 August 2009 Financial Times (FT.Com) FTCOM English (c) 2009 The Financial Times Limited. All rights reserved The halcyon days when hedge funds' "2 and 20" fee structure went unchallenged may be over. The debate over the amount hedge funds charge their clients - famously a 2 per cent cut on assets under management and a 20 per cent cut on returns - is a perennial controversy. But with hedge funds still flattened by the financial crisis, and huge inflows of new money into alternative strategies anticipated in coming months, pension funds and other large institutional investors find themselves in a position to negotiate lower fees. As a survey by Prequin, the investment consultancy, found last week, the average hedge fund is now charging on average 1.63 per cent in annual management fees and 17.2 per cent in performance fees. "It is clear that the '2 and 20' structure as the industry standard is becoming outdated," says Amy Bensted, Preqin's manager of hedge fund products.
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Ch14 Article 3 - Pressure to reduce'2 and 20 hedge fund...

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