u1 - Her husband had been killed by the germans and her boy...

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MOTHER SAUVAGE 1: What is the theme? not judging people by their appearance he idea that money cannot buy happiness is also suggested Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935 Narrators As the poem indicates with the pronoun “we,” the people of the town are the narrators. Obviously, they are working-class citizens who have little of material value and sometimes can’t afford meat to put on their tables (Line 2, Stanza 4). They admire Richard Cory, of course, because of his possessions and his elegant demeanor. But they also envy him because he seems to have everything. They wish that they could take his place. 2: Identify 3 pysical charactarestics of the main character: gentlemen(mentioned in the passage) slim rich(mentioned in the passage) humble sad or depressed 3: What is the plot: The narrator visitis Virelogne 15 years later with his friend, Serval. He had bright memories of the beautiful countryside. Upon his arrival he noticed a dead house. He had once seen this house in 1869, where Mother Sauvagues invited him for a glass of wine.
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Unformatted text preview: Her husband had been killed by the germans, and her boy left with a group of soldiers. Mother Sauvage continued to live in solitude. One day four men of the prussian force arrived and stayed with mother Sauvage. She was kind and gentle to them. One morning she recieved the news of her son dead by the hands of the prussian army. She was shattered, and in response killed the four men she took care of. 4: What is the point of view? third person. 5: Who is the Narrator? non participant, limited omnisicence 6: What is the setting? downtown, where richard cory walked, and then one calm summer night, in his home, he shot himself. 7: What is the irony? everybody is working hard to be liek him, rich like him, and he kills himself. 8: What is the tone? The tone is serious. 9: The Conflict: appearance versus reality. 10: Who is the Author? ao ac macd extensions prejections from breakout low projections from fibo. . fan arc circle...
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u1 - Her husband had been killed by the germans and her boy...

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