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Dmitriy Shegelman Essay 3

Dmitriy Shegelman Essay 3 - Dmitriy Shegelman Bionb 4270...

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Dmitriy Shegelman Bionb 4270 – Essay #3 (first draft) #3b. Evaluation of Cornell’s Influenza Pandemic Preparations and Response Plan (CUIPPRP) A pandemic, or a rapid global disease outbreak of influenza virus, is described as, “A matter of when, and not if, a pandemic will occur (Page 5 of Plan),” by federal and state governments, and this warning is recognized and echoed by Cornell University in its Preparations and Response Plan. A quick scan of recorded history reveals a nearly exponential increase in the frequency of global pandemics of comparable magnitudes, each consistently killing millions of people, though virulence and duration do vary. Typhoid fever, as well as the bubonic plague and its multiple recurrences, each had about a millennium in between their respective killing sprees of up to half the human of the European population (Gottfried 1983) . As the search for devastating pandemics nears modern times however, the frequency of global diseases with massive death tolls can be seen increasing at an alarmingly escalating pace. For example, the smallpox, measles, and influenza pandemics all killed millions of people worldwide, and are all framed by about two hundred years (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandemic). This disturbing trend of more frequent pandemics responsible for cutting world populations in half supports Cornell’s claims of pandemic being unavoidable. The growing trend can also be explained to a significant degree by industrialization, urbanization, and the ever-growing world population. These three modern forces all work to increase the odds of an antibiotic- and immune-resistant virus evolving- pollutants can create mutagenic cells, while close living proximity can increase and accelerate 1
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the paths of infection many times over, and a growing population provides more and more chances for a virus to mutate and quickly find a susceptible vehicle. With this unavoidable threat in mind, Cornell’s advantage of having a prepared plan of
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Dmitriy Shegelman Essay 3 - Dmitriy Shegelman Bionb 4270...

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