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lect0310 - server-staffing paper We then discussed an...

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IEOR 4106: Introduction to Operations Research: Stochastic Models Professor Whitt, Spring 2009 Class Discussion, Tuesday, March 10 Staffing a Service System We discussed how multi-server queueing models, such as the M/M/s model, where the number in system is modelled as a birth-and-death process, can be used to specify s , the ap- propriate number of servers. Choosing s is the so-called staffing problem. We then discussed how to proceed with time-varying arrivals. The arrival process is then modelled as a nonho- mogeneous Poisson process. We discussed the simple PSA and SSA approximations (see the
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Unformatted text preview: server-staffing paper). We then discussed an alternative approach based on the infinite-server queue. In doing so, we follow the two papers posted on line. You are only responsible for the first three pages of the “Physics” paper. You should understand the statement of Theorem 1 and the integral formulas given in the proof. You should understand the infinite-server queue. This is also discussed in the Ross textbook....
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