GH 101 Midterm Study Guide

GH 101 Midterm Study Guide - GH 101 Midterm Study Guide...

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GH 101 Midterm Study Guide Identifications (you should be able to define these in just a few words, or at most 1-2 sentences) – many of these are listed in Birn xix - xxiii 1. PHC: Primary Health Care 2. Globalization (2 parts from Lecture 2) -the opening of international borders to increasingly fast flows of goods, services, finance, people and ideas; and the changes in institutions and policies at national and international levels that facilitate or promote such flows. 3. Origins of ‘ quarantine ’ and ‘ cordon sanitaire’ (Birn page 19) -A protective belt barring entry of people or goods to entire cities or entire regions. 4. Market Fundamentalism -Exaggerated faith in the ability of unfettered Laissez-Faire or free market-economic views or policies to solve economic and social problems. 5. Market Foster Care 6. Market Failure 7. Environmental Determinism 8. DALYs: Disability Adjusted Life Year 9. SAPs: Structural Adjustment Programs -Austerity measures to reschedule debt. By reducing government expenditures, improve terms for foreign investment, privatize the economy (Free Market). 10. Conditionalities 11. WHO: World Health Organization 12. CSDH – WHO’s 2008 SDH report (‘Closing the Gap’) (Birn pages 352 – 354) - Commission on Social Determinants of Health 13. Societal Determinants of Health (Lecture 4 & pages 310 – 312 of Birn) - Are the political, economic, social, and cultural structures that shape health and health patterns 14. Alma-Ata Declaration, 1978 -International Conference on PHC, expressed need for urgent action by government, all health and development workers, and the world community to promote and protect the health off all the people in the world. 15. OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 16. IMF: International Monetary Fund 17. World Bank -International financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capita programs
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18. Washington Consensus -was a 1990s name for neoliberalism that underlined the connections between free-market reforms and the controlling interests of the government of the United States and Washington DC-based international
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GH 101 Midterm Study Guide - GH 101 Midterm Study Guide...

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