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N05-demandsupply jpw - Lecture 5 Demand Supply Dr Jennifer...

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microL5-F2010- http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/ Lecture 5 Dr. Jennifer P. Wissink ©2009 John M. Abowd and Jennifer P. Wissink, all rights reserved. September 9, 2010
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http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/ Announcements 1110-Fall 2010 The 2 nd GRADED MyEconLab quiz will be up today or tomorrow, be on the look out for it. MEL REMINDERS. .. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU START AND STOP A QUIZ, IF YOU HAVE NOT HIT SUBMIT , YOU ARE STILL ON THE SAME ATTEMPT. (What MyEconLab seems to tell you is misleading, and I can’t change that. .. sorry.) If you choose to take a 2 nd attempt, you must do THE ENTIRE quiz over (and not just correct what you got wrong the first time). This is how MEL is set up – I can’t change that, either. IF YOU TAKE THE QUIZ TWICE, WE WILL ONLY RECORD YOUR HIGHER SCORE. You can only review the quiz AFTER the due date. Go to Results, and then Review (next to the quiz). Only quiz points count towards your “grand score” which determines your final grade. HOMEWORKs don’t count (directly) so when they are due does not matter. You can see all the answers before the due date, so we set ALL the due dates to sometime in December. If you get “timed out” or otherwise abruptly disconnected from MEL, you are still on whatever “attempt” of the quiz. (Ignore what you think the MEL screen info is telling you.) Your attempt is ONLY OVER, once you press “SUBMIT”. REQUEST: If you email me a question, or about an issue, please indicate if you are in Econ 1110 or Econ1120, since there are a lot of you! THANKS!! HOMEWORK REMINDER: Make sure you are doing other materials on the Problem Set page in addition to MEL quizzes. My office hours will be spotty until next week, so please just pop by my office (468 Uris Hall) and if I’m in I will see you or at that time we will make some kind of appointment. Starting Monday September 13, I’ll have regular office hours set.
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N05-demandsupply jpw - Lecture 5 Demand Supply Dr Jennifer...

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