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Unformatted text preview: microL23-F2010-page http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/ Simple Monopoly Performance & Discriminating Monopoly Lecture 23 Dr. Jennifer P. Wissink ©2009 John M. Abowd and Jennifer P. Wissink, all rights reserved. November 16, 2010 microL23-F2010-page http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/ Announcements: Micro S2010 ◆ MyEconLab: Keep working and checking site! ◆ PRELIM 2 EPILOGUE – RE: PRELIM SCORE - Please log onto the CMS site http://cms.csuglab.cornell.edu/web/guest/ with your Cornell NetID and password and you can see your number grade and the stats for Prelim 2. (Note, for some reason they put us on the server for CS courses, so when you get to the main page, if there is a choice, use that link.) – RE: LETTER GRADES - Please consult the "Syllabus" link on the class web page for the grading rubric. Remember, at the end of the semester we will calculate your "GRAND-SCORE" as indicated on the syllabus. Letter grades will be assigned based on GRAND-SCORE (no letter grades will be assigned for prelims). Will I curve? Yes and no. If the median "GRAND-SCORE" is high (80 or higher), I use an absolute scheme where scores in the 90s get an A- or better (to be determined at the end), scores in the 80s get a B- or better, scores in the 70s get a C- or better and scores below 70 are determine case-by-case. If the mean and median "GRAND- SCORE" are in the 70's then I will use a curve based somewhere between a B- and C+, depending on where in the 70s we are and what lecture and section attendance and participation looked like during the term. – RE: REGRADES - Once you get your exam, any requests for regrades (I hope there are none of these, but just in case...) go through me and only me. Go to: http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/regrade.pdf, print out and fill in the form and give back to me with your entire exam. I process all such requests and reserve the right to look at the entire exam....
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N23-monopoly dwl jpw (1) - microL23-F2010-page...

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