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Music Study Guide Unit 2

Music Study Guide Unit 2 - Unit 2 Sacred Music Church Music...

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Unit 2 Sacred Music: Church Music Much of the west was involved in the church Europe tried to take over as much of the new world as they could St Augustine oldest in US Puritans believed in simplicity, pleasing the senses did not me pleasing God They were not as talented in the US so it was more communal singing Versification: made to fit into poetic voices so it sounds better rhythmically They made song books called psalters Ainsworth Psalter published by Reverend Henry Ainsworth in 1612. Pilgrims brought it on the mayflower. Laid the groundwork for music in America. Size shape and usage was typical of most. 150 songs but only 40 melodies. Where versification came in handy. Tunes were easy to memorize, they didn’t have to read music. Old hundred: appeared in almost ever song book since 1500. It is a bunch of people singing, it is very basic. Puritans repeated alot, It was all about the text. Lining Out: a singing leader would decide on a familiar tune and then call out a line that everyone would know and the rest would join him in the song. They can repeat every line after the person. Only one songbook was needed. It slowed the tempo of songs, and fewer tunes could be used. Without books, tunes and texts were changed. Now known as the old way. Regular Singing: was kept honest through written text and notation, It had a sense of authority.
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