An Unforgettable Regret

An Unforgettable Regret - Wang 1 Susan Wang Wyrauch English...

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Wang 1 Susan Wang Wyrauch English 1 Honors 19 October 2005 An Unforgettable Regret Two summers ago, I did everything I could in order to achieve my dream. I begged, earned outstanding grades, and did just about everything you could possibly think of just to get a dog. Then, I came up with the perfect way. I volunteered to relearn how to read two thousand words of Chinese in exchange for the dog that I had always wanted. One day I went up to my dad and asked, “Would you give me a dog if I read Chinese in exchange?” Surprisingly, my dad agreed because he doubted my ability to read that many words in one summer. It normally takes about six years to fully learn those words, and it seemed utterly impossible to learn it in three months, but I knew I had to do it. It was the only way to get what I wanted. I knew that if I took this bet, I had to keep on learning Chinese even if I failed. In order to avoid any regrets in my childhood, I took the bet, not knowing that this bet would lead to the biggest disappointment of my life. The school year had ended and it was time to start the bet. I read about fifty words a day and sometimes more than a hundred. As I read each day, my brain felt like it was about to explode. I then slowed down and eventually read every other day or two. There was a point where I was terrified of hearing the question, “Are you ready to read Chinese now?” I used to always think, when will this misery end?
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Wang 2 Even though I had many meltdowns and suffered greatly, I knew I still had to go on. As I read page by page, the words got tougher and tougher. My body felt like it was going to collapse from the strain. I regretted taking the bet more and more each day. The thought of getting a dog was
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An Unforgettable Regret - Wang 1 Susan Wang Wyrauch English...

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