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Wang 1 Susan Wang Wyrauch English 1 Honors 4 May 2006 Fallacies and Emotional Appeal The first ad I chose is about the deodorant brand Ban. This ad illustrates false cause and effect. False cause and effect is when the second event does not necessarily happen due to the first event. In this ad, it demonstrates how one will be able to fix all of his or her weaknesses by using Ban. It displays how Ban is the right choice to make because it is everything one needs in a small bottle. It states that Ban will ban bad karma, ban lateness, ban conformity, ban fear, ban self doubt, ban shyness, ban nerves, and ban stress. The first event in this ad is the act of using the deodorant. The second event is getting rid of one’s weaknesses. This is false because one’s weaknesses will not disappear if one uses a certain product. The product might boost one’s confidence by creating illogical thoughts in one’s mind, but will never be able to get rid of one’s
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Unformatted text preview: bad behaviors all together. Therefore, the events do not relate. The second ad I chose is about milk. This ad is testimonial which is when someone important is advertising something they know little about so the company can persuade others to be like their idol. In this ad, Kelly Clarkson is advertising for milk by having a mustache from the milk. It displays a billion hands reaching for her, implying that they all want to be like her. The ad states that if one drinks milk, people will love you. Even though this ad is testimonial, it is created based on false cause and effect. It is also false cause and effect because people do not care if one drinks milk or not. Drinking milk does not make people crowd over one. One’s popularity has nothing to do with it. Therefore, it represents both fallacies....
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