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Wang 1 Susan Wang Wyrauch English 1 Honors 14 November 2005 Greed Overshadows All How will one react if the world’s largest pearl is right in front of his or her eyes? Will one walk away after a glance or do whatever it takes to get it? In the novel, The Pearl , written by John Steinbeck, a fierce young man named Kino, his wife Juana, and their son Coyotito are poor Hispanics who lives in a Latin American village. When Kino finds “The Pearl of the World” for Coyotito’s fatal sting from a scorpion, their fate is set. They have to overcome many obstacles in order to stay alive. In the book, The Pearl , John Steinbeck utilizes characterization to illustrate how greed traps, blinds, and changes the nicest and most logical people. Greed is always hidden within people, but it takes something great and powerful to unlock its powers and trap one’s soul. Kino stresses himself when Coyotito is about to die from the scorpion sting. All he can think of is how to save his one and only son. The presence of the pearl makes him forget. “He picked the pearl from the dying flesh and held it in his palm, and he turned it over and saw that its curve was perfect. Instinctively Juana went to Coyotito where he lay on his father’s blanket.”(19-20) Kino finds “The Pearl of the World” and one wrong move can trap him forever. Characterization is present here by showing how Kino mesmerizes after the first glance of the pearl and how he is greedier than he thinks. Juana, though filled with excitement, is not as vulnerable to the pearl. She still thinks of Coyotito before the pearl, but Kino can not take his eyes off of it. The pearl, so small and beautiful can posses such great powers that can make Kino become so open to the dangers that lie ahead. “He felt the creeping
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Wang 2 of fate, coagulating about him and he was helpless to protect himself. He heard his ears the evil music.”(50-51) As Kino associates with the pearl more and more, he gets pulled into an inescapable trap. Characterization shows how one does not notice the influences of greed that have been affecting the person until it is too late. He or she loses control of his or her body and maybe even forget what life is all about. Like Kino, one will not be able to escape the grasp of
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Greed - Wang 1 Susan Wang Wyrauch English 1 Honors 14...

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