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Susan Wang Wyrauch English 1 Honors 24 October 2005 Journal Entry Why do people always take things for granted? It seems like everyone is carelessly placing their items and does not realize how important it is until it is gone. We should always treasure everything we have because you might never get it back after it is gone. Sometimes you might never know how much an object could mean so much to you until after it is gone. Things happen unexpectedly. You could be holding it in your hands one second and break it the next. You might never get a second chance of owning it again. One person’s trash could be another person’s treasure. No matter how much something is worth, when it is in your hands, you should always
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Unformatted text preview: see it as gold. You could own something as useless as a picture, but this picture could be more than it’s worth. It could be a symbol of you or something important in your life. If you just threw it somewhere and never touch it, you might feel like something is missing when it is all destroyed. That is why you should take care of all your objects. Life gives you unexpected turns that might throw you off track. Never carelessly place something of yours because it could be worth more than what you think it is worth. Second chances do not always come around so do not easily let the first one slip by....
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