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moderndialogue - Amy*Starts to exit Susan*Pulls Amy back...

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Susan Wang Period 3 4 April 2006 Shakespeare: UCI Concert Fall out with Become irritated with Unattainted Impartial Rest you merry Good-bye Forsworn to Sworn not to Shrift Confession Counsel Secrets Gape Desire eagerly The chinks Plenty of coin (money) Solemnity Festivity Reckoning Reputation Susan Hadst thee heard of the solemnity? Amy Solemnity? I know not of what you speak. Susan The concert, hedge-pig! With Jolin and Xiao Zhu? Amy *Hand motions* Susan Thee art feeble-minded. Do not make me fall out with thee! Amy I am feeble-minded? No, I am simply unattainted about the concert. Susan Very well then. If that is the case, enlighten me on this matter. Amy I have forsworn to divulging my secret to anyone. Susan Deny thy lies do I. Amy Thee may impart to thy shrift concerning the concert. Susan If it must be so, I shall disclose my counsel about the concert. Jolin and Xiao Zhu are lusty young minstrels. Asia brags of these two youths. Performing in Irvine, they shall take the stage at UCI.
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Unformatted text preview: Amy *Starts to exit* Susan *Pulls Amy back down* Why thy art a saucy little goose! I have not yet concluded my long, meticulous description. Going on, I do not care much for that Jolin, but Xiao Zhou strikes my fancy. Though, they both have such high reckonings; he who has either of their autographs shall be rich. I gape for their autographs, for they could beget millions unto the owner. Amy *Sigh* Millions? I would love to have the chinks. Ah… gowns… flowers… jewels—anything at all my heart desires! Susan Perhaps not millions , but they fetch a hefty hundred (on EBAY). Amy, art thee listening to me? Amy Yes I love EBAY! I must depart now. Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow, but I must prepare myself for the festivities, lest I be caught unawares. Rest you merry, my friend! Susan Soft, the concert is not for another two fortnights, at the least!...
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moderndialogue - Amy*Starts to exit Susan*Pulls Amy back...

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