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Susan Wang Period 3 Play Verses Novel In my opinion, novels are more interesting to read than plays. As a reader, novels grab onto one’s souls and make one read endlessly so one can find out what happens. Novels are far more descriptive and one can actually picture what each character is doing. Plays might clearly point out which character has which role in the story, but does not describe them well. One first has to act the part out before others can completely understand the mood of a certain person. It is harder for a writer to write a novel because each book contains numerous details. The writer has to use descriptive language almost on every page in order to make the book interesting. The
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Unformatted text preview: writer has to fully cover every aspect of the reader’s mind. When someone writes a play, it is not as easy as it seems, but is a little simpler than a novelist. The author has to assign perfect parts to someone and those parts have to bring out the character’s personality. Play writers have to be in different positions and have to think who would be most likely to do a certain movement. When comparing the two together, novelists have to do a little more. They do not have parts labeled for different people; therefore, they have to include the actions of a certain character and everything they do into the novel....
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