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Book 7 Questions and Answers

Book 7 Questions and Answers - 3 Odysseus tells everyone...

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Book 7 Questions and Answers 1. Arete is Rhexenor’s only daughter. Alkinoos and Rhexenor are brothers which make Alkinoos Arete’s uncle. No one acts as if it is unusual. 2. The men were skilled in ship handling at sea while the women were skilled at the loom (in arts and crafts). Nausicaa thinks that some of the people are insolent and they assume everything quickly.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Odysseus tells everyone his story about what happened after Troy and his misadventures. 4. Nausicaa worries about people assuming that Odysseus is her husband or a certain type of god. Odysseus tells Alkinoos that it was his decision to walk to the palace alone because he is afraid that the sight might offend Alkinoos since everyone is plagued by jealousy....
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