Books XIII-XVI - Book XIII 1. deep bellied caldron 2. In...

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Book XIII 1. deep bellied caldron 2. In the shadowy hall, spellbound as they all were. just as farmers hunger grows, behind the bolted plow. 3. Odysseus leaves Scheria and heads for Ithaca. When he arrives, he did not know where he was because of the fog. 4. They stain the ground. 5. Odysseus sets sail on a boat at night. He sleeps all night and does not awake until morning. When he wakes up, all he could see is fog because Athena is planning her next move. 6. Zeus lets him punish them. He suggests that when the ship pulls into the harbor at Scheria, he will turn the ship and let it sink. 7. The ceremony keeps the Gods happy and in return, the Gods keep them safe. 8. Athena wants to plan her next move so she covers the beach with mist, but ran out of time. 9. She disguised herself as a shepherd. Odysseus thinks that the Phaeacians tricked him so Athena tells him that he is in Ithaca. She tells him to head home because the suitors are trying to get Penelope. Penelope still misses him. 10. She tells him that he is smart and sharp. She is always with Odysseus when he is in trouble. She also makes Phaiakian befriend to him. 11. It is because some people are trying to win his wife and his wife misses him. That way, he does not misjudge Penelope. 12. He is disguised as a beggar. His arms and legs are shriveled, making him look older than his actual age. She wants him to go to the swine herd because the swine herd is devoted to Penelope and Telemachus. 13. She wants Telemachus’ name in foreign places. Young bucks wait for him in the
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Books XIII-XVI - Book XIII 1. deep bellied caldron 2. In...

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