Books XVII-XX - Book XVII 1 His father travels to town with...

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Book XVII 1. His father travels to town with the swineherd, following his footsteps. 2. Eurycleia, Telemachus’ loyal nurse sees him first and she runs to him with tears in her eyes. 3. She appears from her high chamber and throws her arms around me, kissing my head and both his eyes. She tells me she was afraid she would never see me again and I inquired about everything I saw on my journey. 4. He has become more mature and responsible, with the aid of Athena, disguised as Mentor and other various characters, which impels him to leave in the first place. 5. He fears that the suitors will steal them if they kill him. 6. King Nestor welcomed him and was kind. He gained no news from him but was sent to Sparta, where King Menelaus predicted, from a seer, that Odysseus was trapped on an island by Calypso. 7. He brought Theoklymenos, who predicted that Odysseus was in Ithaca that very moment. Before, he had seen a hawk above, clutching a dove in its talons, symbolizing Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ victory of the suitors. 8. They are unhappy because their plot to kill him has failed. 9. Eumaios wants to go to town with Odysseus because he feels that it is his right and his duty to do so. Yet many people think he is as willing and eager. But in the end he is kicked and abused as they venture into town. So his position on such an issue is contrasting within himself. 10. He is a mean man who does not care for a beggar. He insults people and kicked Odysseus because he was disguised as a beggar. 11. Argos is not a person, but a loyal hound that he trained to go on the hunt before he left for the Trojan War. He was used by other men to hunt wild goats but he had grown old in his master’s absence and was now left to lie on the piles of rubbish that lay before the gates. Argos now left to die from neglect is one of the first to recognize Odysseus on his return. 12. When Odysseus returns to Ithaca it seems that he would return as a king, letting his people know that he has returned to them alive. Yet after he meets Eumaios he realizes that all has gone astray in his house while he has been away. Worried by this Odysseus dresses as a beggar and enters his house as the lowest of all classes, a worthless menial beggar; a person that no royal hand would ever extend to. 13. When Odysseus goes to beg at his own house to discover the hearts of the suitors of his wife,
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Books XVII-XX - Book XVII 1 His father travels to town with...

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