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Odyssey Packet Questions II 1. Each island city-state thing had its own ruler (king). Odysseus is or was Ithaca’s king. I wonder how good of a government they have if they live without any sort of higher ruler for all the years Odysseus is gone. 2. Athena; plans to sail to Sparta to find information about his dad 3. Sensitive (about mom) 4. She says she’ll marry after finishing the tapestry, but she unravels it at night so she’ll never finish it. 5. Antinous is mean and arrogant; Telemachus is sensitive and defends himself 6. Penelope and the nurse; female; because he’s like a mama’s boy 7. Wants answers about his missing dad and will grow mature and brave and make a name for himself 8. Lazy and careless, disregarding Telemachus’s role 9. [Below] a. Gods talk about him (so you know he’s on the island and not dead) b. Odysseus’s friends give clues on his whereabouts (and Menelaus says he’s not dead) III 1. Latin; a wise and trusted counselor or teacher; Mentor helped Telemachus and gave him advice, which is like what modern day mentors do 2. Talks to higher power to find information about Odysseus 3. After Troy, Agamemnon and Menelaus argue and Agamemnon stays with Odysseus 4. Penelope is more determined and faithful to Odysseus than Clytaimnestra IV 1. Helen fell in love with Paris and ran off with him; more reserved and obedient 2. Menelaus said that Odysseus thought of building the horse 3. They were good friends and Menelaus admires Odysseus; they both had trouble
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PktQstnsB2_4_9_12 - Odyssey Packet Questions II 1. Each...

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