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Depressed? Lonely? Worrying about marital fidelity? Emotional Struggles? Then…. You need…. . PENNY’S ONLINE VIDEO COUSELING SERVICE! GO TO WWW.PENELOPECOUNSEL.COM/WIF/MP3 OR CALL 1-800-QPENCSL “PROVIDING QUALITY COUNSELING SINCE THE TROJAN WARâ€- Greek.Gods.Counsel. ENDORSED Qualified mentors and counselors waiting to help Centuries of experience “For centuries, solving the problems of the world, one life at a time.â€- - P.O.C.S. Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to “The Opera-iedies show”. And now Opera-iedies, the goddess of advice and listening. Opera-iedies: Hello all! Thank you for coming to my fabulous show, based on fabulous me. Today we will look at the challenges faced by one god, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and two human and their lives and stuff. Here are our guests, Athena, Telemakhos, and Odysseus. Athena: Thank you for having me here today, not like I couldn’t be here if I really wanted to. Telemakhos: Yeah, ok I guess it’s ok to be here. (Takes out gameboy) Odysseus: It’s wonderful to be out in the public eye again. (Rips shirt) Opera-iedies: Please sit down. Now lets get to asking these questions in order to reveal how went from acting like peasant to what lead up to the bad omen. Opera-iedies: Telemakhos, how do you provide for your father’s being able to get to town? Telemakhos: my father travels to town with the swineherd, following his footsteps. Opera-iedies: Who first sees you in town? What is her reaction? Telemakhos: Eurycleia, my loyal nurse sees me first and she runs to me with tears in her eyes.
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Opera-iedies: How does your mother respond to your return? Telemakhos: She appears from her high chamber and throws her arms around me, kissing my head and both his eyes. She tells me she was afraid she would never see me again and I inquired about everything I saw on my journey. Opera-iedies: And how do you feel about that? Telemakhos: Well in telling the story I feel like I truly saw that I have changed. Opera-iedies: How have you changed since you left home? Who has been instrumental in making the change? Telemakhos: I have become more mature and responsible, with the aid of Athena, disguised as Mentor and other various characters, who impel me to leave in the first place. Opera-iedies: Why do you want Peirius to keep the gifts Menelaus has given you? Telemakhos: I fear that the suitors will steal them if they kill me. Opera-iedies: How were you treated by King Nestor? What news did you gain of your father in Pylos? What had King Menelaus predicted? Telemakhos: King Nestor welcomed me and was kind. I gained no news from him but was sent to Sparta, where King Menelaus predicted, from a seer, that my father was trapped on an island by Calypso. Opera-iedies: Who is the guest you brought with you? What does he predict? What omen has
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SHOW_SHOW_SHOW_1_[1].docXZCF - Depressed Lonely Worrying...

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