Skit1 - THE ODYSSEY BOOKS V-VIII Book V Athena Zeus Im...

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THE ODYSSEY BOOKS V-VIII Book V Athena I’m REALLY worried about Odysseus Zeus Yeah, sure, I’ll go send Hermes to tell the nymph Kalypso to let him go. Oh, but he has to go alone and on a raft and reach Skhería. Hermes, go! (Hermes leaves) At Ogygia Hermes Ooh! What a beautiful island—from the cave with vines, to the nice springs and plants and forest, to the awesome birds… Oh, hey Kalypso. Kalypso Hi Hermes! What brings you here? Hermes Zeus told me to tell you to let Odysseus go. Kalypso Aw… You guys are so mean! You never let mortals and immortals stay together. I mean—I saw him struggling and saved him. And I cared for him and loved him… But fine—only because Zeus said so and he MUST be obeyed. (Hermes leaves) Odysseus, you can go. Odysseus Really? Kalypso Yes, I swear by the river Styx—you know, that river that runs between the Underworld and the world of living mortals…? Odysseus Whoopee! Kalypso Let me help you get supplies. (Walking) Here’s a bunch of stuff for you (gives stuff), and, here, you can make a raft of my trees. (Odysseus makes a raft) Five days later Odysseus Cool, thanks, bye! Kalypso Bye! (Blows wind for him) Seventeen Days later Odysseus Oh! Phaiacia! Almost there! Poseidon Har har! I see you there, Odysseus. I’m going to make you suffer. (Makes storm) Ino Oh here, let me help you—poor guy. Swim to the island and wear my veil to keep you alive, but give it back upon reaching land. Odysseus (Raft breaks) Okay. Athena
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Skit1 - THE ODYSSEY BOOKS V-VIII Book V Athena Zeus Im...

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