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An operating system or OS

An operating system or OS - , , wouldbeuseless Indentify...

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An  operating system  or  OS , is a software program that enables the  computer hardware  to communicate and operate with the computer software.  Without a computer operating system, a computer and software  programs  would be useless. Indentify and discuss 4 different attributes of an operating system 1. It manages the hardware and software resources of the system. In a desktop computer , these resources include such things as the processor , memory , disk space and more (On a cell phone , they include the keypad, the screen, the address book, the phone dialer, the battery and the network connection). 2. It provides a stable, consistent way for applications to deal with the hardware without having to know all the details of the hardware. Real-time operating system (RTOS) - Real-time operating systems are used to control machinery, scientific instruments and industrial systems. An RTOS typically has very little user-interface capability, and no end-user utilities, since the system will be a "sealed box" when delivered for use. A
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  • real-time operating systems, particular operation executes, Mainframe operating systems, multi-user operating systems, little user-interface capability

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