Exam 1 - Rococo(1720s I Germany a Loose federation of...

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Rococo (1720s) I. Germany a. Loose federation of states b. Würzburg i. Ruled by elected prince and bishop ii. Rules in Residenz (Neumann 1722) iii. Still has defense fortress walls but turns them into forest 1. Not as warlike, more peaceful II. Residenz a. Oval shaped salon b. Less pompous, severe c. Façade i. Free form ii. Complex d. Renaissance = perfect geometry e. Baroque = imperfect geometry f. Rococo = what’s the artistic (or human) form i. Don’t care if it’s geometrically based g. Chapel i. Question of wall/ceiling difference is irrelevant because you can’t tell and eye doesn’t care III. Rococo a. Rocaille (Shell) i. Beauty and preciousness ii. Shells don’t have rigid geometric basis iii. Free form b. Free form c. Conquering time, but in a lighter way d. Less concerned with categories e. Extreme sensory effect f. No progression g. Exoticism/Unreality h. Dreams of older/simpler times IV.Würzburg Staircase (1737-1742) a. Johann Balthasar Neumann (German)
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b. In Kaiseraal in Würzburg Residenz c. Room built for the act of movement d. Baroque mentality (Stairs) i. Should take up entire room ii. Mold 2 rooms by making transition gradual
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Exam 1 - Rococo(1720s I Germany a Loose federation of...

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