Lecture 4 - Contradictions of the 19th Centu ry I. Axis and...

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Contradictions of the 19 th Century I. Axis and Sightlines a. Berlin – Hitler b. Paris i. Le Louvre ii. Arch of Triumph c. Beaux-Arts – sightlines and axes emphasized II. Contradictory Architecture a. Ledoux’s prison (1785) i. Let’s educate these prisoners and help them and treat them well ii. But façade looks like tomb saying don’t do crime because we’ll lock you up forever b. Ledoux’s Saltworks i. Seeing eye of director creepily keeping an eye on workers 1. Free people but under watch of dominant director c. Ledoux’s Utopian drawings i. Farmer house in globe ii. Inspector’s of River house – river flow right through it iii. Frank Lloyd Wright – uses these ideas III. Houses of Parliament a. London b. Designed 1836, built 1840-1860s c. Historicism i. Gothic style (revival) d. No sign of industrial revolution e. Sublime f. Why this way? i. Old Houses burnt down 1. Pieces of Westminster Abbey ii. French Revolution 1. Many Gothic destroyed 2. Burned and smashed 3. British reacted conservatively iii. Historic Preservation
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1. Westminster Hall still standing 2. Real Gothic Monument next to Parliament 3. Didn’t want to make something too modern next to this ancient building iv. 1836 Competition 1. Style must be Tudor – English Medieval (Gothic) 2. Functional Concern a. Assassination g. Great Lobby i. House of Lords and House of Commons right off
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Lecture 4 - Contradictions of the 19th Centu ry I. Axis and...

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