Lecture 5 - Harnessing the New Technologies I New materials...

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Harnessing the New Technologies I. New materials a. Steel b. Cast Iron i. Imitate any past historical style 1. Deceitful c. Glass II. Eugène-Emanuel Viollet-le-Duc a. Entretiens , or Discourses on Architecture (1858-1872) b. Gothic i. Rationalist reasons c. Awful architect i. Awkward designs III. Eiffel Tower a. Gustav Eiffel b. 1889 c. Paris World’s Fair d. Deep stone foundations i. Bolted and riveted together e. 1000 feet high i. Wind resistance f. Uses U.S. construction techniques g. Functional h. Some decoration at arches in bottom IV.Statue of Liberty a. Gustav Eiffel created interior steelwork frame V. Gallerie des Machines a. 1889 b. No longer standing c. Charles-L.-F. Dutert and Victor Contamin d. Train on upper level e. Natural light f. Pivots i. Large stresses ii. Girders on pivots to go with changes in temperature VI.Gaudi a. Barcelona b. Adopting art decorative flowering design c. Casa Mila d. Nothing is rectilinear, but flowing VII. Louis Henry Sullivan a. American b. Didn’t like Beaux Arts because had to copy past styles i. Left France ii. Went to Chicago
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c. Loves H.H. Richardson’s designs
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Lecture 5 - Harnessing the New Technologies I New materials...

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