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Recitation 1 - v Structural integrity vi Rectilinear not...

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Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romantic Recitation I. Rococo (Baroque) a. Adjective, not a style b. Würzburg Residenz i. Neumann ii. 1722 iii. Shell c. Beauty d. Rocaille e. Decoration f. Lightness g. Plaster h. Free Form i. No rigid structure i. Illusionism i. No boundary between wall and ceiling or architecture with decoration j. Naturalism k. Surface decoration l. Extreme Sensory Effect m. Vierzehnheiligen i. 14 Saints ii. Interior is absolutely gorgeous and decorated II. Neoclassicism a. Panthéon (Paris) b. Soufflot c. Same time as Rococo d. Trying to recapture antiquity, but not copy it e. Tempietto on top of Panthéon f. Reemphasize engineering and structure, not decoration g. Honesty h. Characteristics i. Easy Circulation ii. Functionalism iii. Rational iv. Severity echoing classical monuments
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Unformatted text preview: v. Structural integrity vi. Rectilinear, not curved forms vii.Minimum quantity of materials 1. Just masonry or stone i. Enlightenment j. Altes Museum i. Schinkel Berlin ii. Utilitarian iii. Uninviting and rigid iv. Functional III. Romanticism (Neoclassicism) a. Strawberry Hill i. Walpole ii. Twickenham iii. Fan vaults b. Gothic ideals c. Emotional attachment/association d. Looking to past in nostalgic way e. Domestic and livable f. Imaginary and dream-like g. Gothic Novel h. Escapism i. Ledoux i. Cenotaph for Newton ii. Never built because impossible iii. Cenotaph – tomblike monument iv. Sublime v. Romantic and Rationalist...
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Recitation 1 - v Structural integrity vi Rectilinear not...

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