Lecture 8 - The High Renaissance: Leonardo and Bramante I....

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The High Renaissance: Leonardo and Bramante I. High Renaissance a. 16 th century ( Cinquecento ) b. Moves very fast II. Leonardo da Vinci a. Architectural notebooks and sketchbooks i. One large textbook never published b. Left handed, illegitimate c. Inventor, architect, painter d. 1452-1519 CE outside of Florence e. Milan moves 1480s and 1490s i. Milanese show San Lorenzo, Roman lasting building (4 th century) 1. Unusual sophistication 2. Square w/ groin vault in center 3. Fragments of a circle (quatraphoils) ambulatory ii. Nationalism very high (Roman heritage) iii. Sketch of San Lorenzo 1. Restoring it as 2 intersecting squares with apsed terminations 2. Positive-negative space 3. Active interplay of 2 intersecting elements with 4 corner towers around intersection iv. 1465 Filarete left v. Leonardo = court genius in Milan 1. Permission to go through Filarete’s notebooks a. Eccentric Central building with dome on square with 4 towers b. Leo inspired by Filarete f. 1481 CE - Leaves Florence altar piece unfinished for Milan i. Speculate = found perspective a dead end (in painting) 1. Didn’t want to paint anymore 2. Sees it as to confined a. Fascinated by optics b. Says this is not how human eyes work i. See many images at once that brain makes whole c. Simultaneity (Leo’s new idea more true to human sight) replacing sequentiality (perspective) ii. Simultaneity in Last Supper in Milan 1. Setting = perspectival towards head of Christ 2. Simultaneity of apostles’ response to betrayal statement g. Leo begins with bow to Vitruvius
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Lecture 8 - The High Renaissance: Leonardo and Bramante I....

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