Lecture 10 - Baroque in Italy I Olympic Theater a Palladio...

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I. Olympic Theater a. Palladio b. First since ancient times c. Builds streets behind stage with façades of buildings i. Main street and 2 secondary d. Forced perspective i. Deliberately exaggerated to may it seem like there is greater distance than it actually is e. 2 side entrances II. Ideal City a. Urban planners b. (Alberti/Filarete) III. Pope Sixtus V (1585-1590 = rule) a. Scandal i. 1575 – jubilee years for pilgrims ii. He was cardinal iii. Shocked at how poor Rome was at reception of pilgrims iv. Must visit St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, and Santa Maria Majorie v. People couldn’t even find basilicas b. Plan for ideal city i. 16 th century plan ii. 1550 iii. Court architect – Dominico Fontana iv. New network of streets through city of Rome (1585-1600) 1. To St. Peter’s and other basilicas 2. Articulate main entrances 3. Piazza dell Popolo 4. Enlarged and straightened v. Obelisks 1. From Egypt 2. Moving them the Pope can create visual unity in Rome vi. Position of basilicas was accidental 1. Difficult problem to make streets connect to all of them vii.Piazza del Popolo 1. Pilgrims come and meet triad (3division point) 2. Obelisk in plaza before triad a. Visual flag 3. Bernini a. 2 virtually identical church are placed in between triad i. One round, one oval 4. Oval outside
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Lecture 10 - Baroque in Italy I Olympic Theater a Palladio...

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