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Recitation 10/22 I. Florence a. Santo Spirito i. Brunelleschi ii. Rigid system of math and perspective iii. Human scale and order iv. Modulated v. Preview the modulation from outside being able to see the rippled chapels vi. Arches and Columns = Rome vii.Large open space, but broken into smaller spaces viii. Alberti says whe’s not Roman enough 1. Not enough open space ix. Dome 1. Like Pantheon b. S. Maria del Fiore i. Brought Dome back ii. Last dome was Hagia Sofia iii. 2 feet wider than Pantheon iv. His scaffolding was built from start of dome v. Competing with other architects for the job
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Egg test vi. Competing with ancient builders too vii.Dome within a dome to make it lighter viii. Lateral forces 1. Ribs help 2. Layering and crossing of bricks – herringbone pattern a. Interlocking bricks, support in both directions b. Exterior of dome 3. Built ring by ring, so each ring supports itself II. Mantua a. Sant’ Andrea b. Alberti c. Larger side chapels d. Larger transept e. (see paper) f. Gothic St. Denis Comparison i. Albert = symmetry ii. St. Denis = fortress, sic et non, sculpture III. Rome...
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