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Timeline - 500-520s CE Masoleum of King Theoderic Ravenna...

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500-520s CE – Masoleum of King Theoderic, Ravenna. One piece dome. 550-750 – Dark Ages. Early Medieval Era 750-950 CE – Carolingian Era. Middle Ages. Charlemagne. Copy Romans = fail 760s-770s CE – Torhalle, Lorsch. 790s CE – Charlemagne’s Palace Chapel, Aachen. Abishop Odo of Metz. San Vitale 950-1050 CE – Ottonian Era regrouping Germanic Tribes of Carolingian Time 1000 CE – St. Michael, Hildesheim. Fortified. 1000 CE – St. Philibert, Tournus. Fortified Façade. Rectangle Radiating Chapels 1080-1120 CE St. Sernin Toulouse. Round radiating chapels and 2x aisle 1090s CE – Durham, England. ¼ arches in gallery. Ribbed. 1140-1144 CE – St. Denis, Paris. Abbott Suger. Kings of France buried 1194 – Chartes – wall buttresses. 2 uneven towers 1220-1275 CE – Amiens. Tall. Sculptural bible 1243 - 1248 CE – St. Chappelle. Paris. Walls = stained glass. Crown of thorns 1420-1436 CE Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore. Florence. Brunelleschi. Herringbone 1440s-1470s S. Spirito. Florence. Brunelleschi. Radiating chapels all around 1460 CE – Hospital. Milan. Filarete. 8 foot columns
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