Lecture 1 - a Mechanisms of Change i Why do kids change and...

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I. Gint Iggle Scenario a. 3 and 4 year old tantrum b. Abuse i. More violent children ii. Feeling abused iii. Learn that form of punishment iv. Japan = no hitting children II. Course Goal a. To think about applied issues of child development by understanding the science of developmental psychology III. Common Applied Issues a. What is good parenting? b. How do we best educate children? i. No Child Left Behind ii. Natural interactions and processes iii. Natural curiosity iv. Physical Activity 1. Not forcing kids to sit and listen for extended time IV.Social Issues a. Child care i. 75% both parents in workplace ii. Is daycare harmful? iii. Dr. Laura 1. Controversial 2. Against pre-school iv. Tax-break for childcare b. Child abuse/neglect c. Juvenile delinquency d. Teen pregnancy V. Scientific Issues of Developmental Psychology:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Mechanisms of Change i. Why do kids change and how? b. What underlies development? c. Why are the thought processes of a 3 year old versus a 10 year old so different? d. Is Development Continuous or Discontinuous? i. Trees = continuous ii. Butterfly = discontinuous iii. Child Development = both iv. Are there critical periods? v. Is there stability in development over time? e. Nature/Nurture Debate i. Genetics vs. Environment 1. Boy and Girls 2. Can anyone be President? ii. Critical Periods? 1. Attachment (holding babies) VI. Individual Differences a. Selectivity of attention b. Personality c. Physical appearance VII. Sociocultural Context a. American culture b. Economic Class c. Family Environment d. Neighborhood e. Peers...
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Lecture 1 - a Mechanisms of Change i Why do kids change and...

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