Lecture 5 - Prenatal Development I. Infant Mortality a....

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Prenatal Development I. Infant Mortality a. Depends more on prenatal issues b. US = best neonatal departments in world c. Premature and small babies d. Why? i. Older women having babies ii. Poverty iii. Lack of adequate medical care iv. Knowledge of prenatal care II. Historical Perspective on Pregnancy a. Anything a mother did could affect infant III. Placental Barrier a. Barrier of tissue between mom and babies blood vessels b. Not everything passed from mother to child i. Blocked bad things c. So women could do anything (40s-60s) but not physical stuff d. Thalidomide i. Morning sickness drug ii. Safe with pregnant rats iii. Wasn’t approved in US iv. In Europe, all OBs were giving it out 1. Noticed increase in babies w/o limbs a. Normally rare 2. Thalidomide turned out to be responsible IV. Germinal Stage a. Conception to 2 weeks i. Blastulation ii. Attachment to Uterine wall V. Embryonic Stage a. 2 weeks to 8 weeks b. Critical c. Formation of all basic structures d. 1/4” in size e. Most people don’t know they’re pregnant f. Naturally abort if teratogens VI.Fetal Stage a. 8 to 39 weeks b. Differentiation and Details c. Significant Growth VII. Impact of Teratogens a. Depends on genetics of baby and mother b. Depends on Stage of Prenatal Development c. “Dose Specific” i. More = more impact
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ii. Alcohol d. Not Dose Specific i. Either has impact or not VIII. Alcohol as a Teratogen a. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome i. Syndrome – affects multiple things
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Lecture 5 - Prenatal Development I. Infant Mortality a....

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