Lecture 3 - c. Good for synapses d. Baby Geniuses:...

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The Brain I. Brain Development a. Significant change in first 2 years b. Goes from back to front and lower to upper c. Back is sound, sight, touch, smell d. Front = higher level understanding II. Newborn baby a. Brainstem – basic survival i. Temperature ii. Heat rate iii. Breathing iv. Mechanics of body b. Limbic System i. Emotions and Motivations ii. (Physiology) iii. Pain iv. Fully developed c. Cerebral Cortex i. Thoughts and Memory ii. Not fully developed iii. Huge growth in first 2 years III. Growth and Change in brain development a. Myelin – fatty substance covering neurons to increase signal transduction b. Baby’s are not myelinated c. Myelin grows in first 2 years d. Faster = more info you can get in a period of time e. 50% of what babies eat goes to brain growth and mostly myelin i. Fatty acids are necessary IV.Brain Maturation a. # Neurons doesn’t change, but # branches and dendrites b. 2 months = significant dendrite branching
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Unformatted text preview: c. Good for synapses d. Baby Geniuses: flashcards cause dendrites to grow: NO V. Pruning a. Overproduction of dendrites in infancy: 50% too much i. Prunes it back by killing off dendrites b. Connections made for exploring and learned c. Pruning due to not needing certain connections d. Very dramatic early on, but continues to occur in adolescence e. Must be fair amount of genetics to guide brain connections f. Also flexibility due to experiences/damages (environment) g. Happens normally in normal environment h. Abnormal only if in abnormal environment VI.Stimulation a. Affects chemistry of the brain, not structure of brain (dendrites) VII. Brain Scanning a. PET scan showed highest glucose metabolic rate as primitive brain structures b. dTIs tests CSF movement in brain c. 7 months = start of frontal cortex usage...
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Lecture 3 - c. Good for synapses d. Baby Geniuses:...

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