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Language Development I. Typical Child a. Knows language by age 3 b. Fluent in native language i. 95% of all grammatical rules c. Learn language very fast II. What must be learned? a. Phoneme development i. Basic sounds of language ii. Must learn how to both perceive and produce b. Morpheme Development i. Basic units of meaning ii. Free = sounds/words that stand for objects iii. Bound = never stands by itself, but always attached to another morpheme 1. “s” and “ed” for plural and past c. Syntax i. Rules of sentence structure of language ii. Infinitely creative with language
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Can make a sentence that follows the rules of grammar, but makes no sense. iv. Word order rules d. Semantics i. Take syntax and takes words you get meaningful language ii. Meaning remains same even if said differently e. Pragmatic i. Using language to communicate effectively 1. Gesture 2. Vary in tone of voice 3. Change the way you say things to be more effective ii. Good communicators also know what the people listening are thinking 1. Gear what you say to person...
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