Lecture 1 - Language Development I. Studying Language a....

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Language Development I. Studying Language a. Parental reports i. May be inaccurate b. Natural Observations i. Scientists observe children firsthand c. Diaries i. Researchers write down or tape everything the child says until they have fully developed language skills d. Experiments i. Use made of words 1. Wugs II. Phoneme Development a. Hearing Sounds i. Eimas 1. High Amplitude Sucking 2. Babies suck faster when they hear a new sound a. All babies can discriminate phonemes, but by 1, babies from different countries can’t hear certain distinctions 3. Children with reading disabilities is not visual; they don’t hear phoneme differences as well as other children a. If can’t hear distinction, can’t learn letters for different sounds ii. Dialect 1. 10-12 months know language well enough to distinguish dialects in their own language 2. Specialization to specific language by baby 3. Conclusions a. Babies born with capacity to hear all these subtle differences b. Babies unconsciously tuning abilities and brain to be specific to sounds of own language 4. Learned from people around you, not parents a. Ignoring parents to listen to everyone else in world b. Defines community i. Lets you know when there’s an outsider b. Producing Sounds i. 3-4 months transition from cooing to babbling 1. All babies babbling sounds the same 2. Even deaf babies make same initial babbling sounds ii. After a few months, the babbling sounds become more specific to the language they’re in 1. Can be operantly conditioned if parents smile and clap when make “correct” sounds iii. Babbling is important
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1. Way babies learn how to use articulatory system
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Lecture 1 - Language Development I. Studying Language a....

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