Lecture 2 - Piaget I. Impact of Piaget a. Developmental...

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Piaget I. Impact of Piaget a. Developmental Psychology i. Cognitive Development b. Parenting c. Philosophy i. Nature of humankind/science d. Mathematics i. Studied how children learn, math, time, space, and infinity e. Education i. Takes his theory to principles for teaching II. Jean Piaget (1896-1980) a. Observed his own two children i. Diaries of infant development III. Cognitive Theory (1920) a. All observation and description of kids at different ages b. Thought Americans weren’t studying kids correctly i. Rigid experiments c. Interviewing/clinical method d. Broad theory i. Birth to adolescence ii. Language iii. Scientific reasoning 1. Realize what is living and non-living iv. Moral development v. Memory IV.Assumptions about Kids a. Kids had to have some genetics guiding learning process b. Most knowledge constructed via experiences within the world c. Kids learn a lot independently, without help from other people i. Not interested in school knowledge, but knowledge every kid just learns ii. Survival knowledge for the world iii. Thought kids should be left alone to naturally explore things d. Kids are innately motivated to learn, be curious, accomplish things by, without rewards i. Reaction to Freudian Views 1. Guilt drives ii. Radical View V. Overview of Theory a. Intelligence i. Form of biological adaptation ii. US – how does one person think better or worse than someone else iii. Piaget – intelligence is something that develops over time b. Learning
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i. Process of adaptation ii. Better understanding your environment
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Lecture 2 - Piaget I. Impact of Piaget a. Developmental...

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